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Multimodal and intermodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is transportation of goods under one contract, carried out at least by two types of transport, for example, by railway and the sea, or by air delivery and by car. Responsibility for the whole transportation is taken by the carrier.

Intermodal transportation is a system of international cargo delivery by several types of transport with a single carriage document and in a single freight unit.

EXPLO offers a range of services to individuals and legal entities on the organization of multimodal and intermodal transportation. Our specialists will release you from the need to make a contract with several carriers for one transportation, processing a huge number of documents for cargo and constantly monitoring it at all stages of transportation.

Intermodal and multimodal transportation of cargo is possible both in Russia and abroad.

For the delivery of intermodal and multimodal cargo, we offer you to use our transportation services in any combination:

Depending on the volume and type of cargo, multimodal container transportation (if it is necessary to transport a large consignment of goods) or multimodal transportation of out-of-gauge cargo (if the volume of cargo is not large, then it is possible to combine cargoes of several senders in one container, which allows reducing the price for transportation significantly) are possible.
EXPLO specialists will develop an optimal route for every client, allowing them to meet delivery deadlines, using shipping, air transportation, railway transportation or transportation by road.

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