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Consolidated cargo

EXPLO offers services in the field of high-quality and on-time delivery of consolidated cargo.

Consolidated cargo is a consolidated cargo from several senders. Combining several cargoes into one delivery allows organizing transportation, in spite of the established parameters of minimum weight, and besides, considerably increasing the profitability of transportation since it is economically unprofitable to pay freight of a container or car transportation for a small amount of cargo. Funds for consolidation of cargo are saved at all stages: from the reduction of expenses for the freight-sender pays in proportion to the volume of its cargo. Also, the cost of loading or unloading operations is split among all senders.

Transportation of the consolidated cargo can be done by any mode of transport: by sea, by air, by rail or by car.

For you:

Delivery of consolidated cargoes gives a lot of opportunities to the customer. The main advantage of this service is that it allows you to work with small volume goods.

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