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When performing foreign economic activities, cargo insurance becomes mandatory. It is necessary for customs clearance and work with foreign partners. Small companies try to do it without insurance, avoiding unnecessary financial costs. However, the loss of cargo-due to the fault of the carrier or due to force majeure is not just an unpleasant event; it is an event that can put an end to business development for a small company.

EXPLO specialists have considerable experience in insurance of international and domestic cargo transportation. If you need competent advice, if you are looking for a partner in this field, our company will fully take care of all the issues on insurance, saving you not only time, but also money.

In EXPLO you have the opportunity not only to insure completely or partially your cargo from damage or total loss, but also cover other losses incurred. For example, to insure the writing-off and disposal of cargo, the costs of its transportation, and even enter a risk of loss of benefits in the policy. Our specialists will select the best insurance program that meets your requirements.

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