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Transportation of out-of-gauge heavy cargoes

It is not possible to transport industrial equipment, large structures, agricultural technical elements, tanks, yachts, modular buildings, large parts of construction and power plants by typical motor transport; however, the need to transport out-of-gauge cargo often occurs.

If the width of the cargo exceeds 2.65 meters, the height varies from 2.6 to 4 meters, the length is more than 14 meters for one cargo (or 22 meters for a road-train), and the weight is equal to or exceeds 24 tons, then out-of-gauge heavy cargo has to be transported by special means: tractor trucks with extended or undersized platforms or heavy haulers.

Out-of-gauge cargo types:
Long length — the cargo is longer than the platform for 2 or more meters
Out-of-gauge – the cargo exceeds the standard truck or flat wagon by volume
Heavy – the cargo exerts an unacceptable load on the vehicle’s axis.
There are also project out-of-gauge heavy goods – their transportation is carried out by parts, on several trucks.

EXPLO specialists will provide you with an accurate estimate of the cargo features and will develop the best way for its transportation. Transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy cargo can be carried out by air, rail or road transport, by multimodal transportation. We will not only choose the right transport for you, but, will also develop several variants of the possible route, organize loading and unloading operations, fastening works, preparation of necessary documents and, cargo escort, if necessary.

The cost of transporting heavy out-of-gauge cargo is affected by many factors, for example, the size of the cargo, the type of transportation chosen, the length of the route, the presence of restrictions on transportation in a particular region. EXPLO guarantees optimal prices and excellent quality of work.

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