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Time and opportunities are the core values of our company

The logistics company EXPLO is a universal partner for everyone, whose activity are related to cargo transportation. Our goal is to provide customers with the full range of services from certification to warehouse storage.

About company

EXPLO-itable — the thing, which can be exploited. Our company is the ideal tool for the import and export of goods and services around the globe.

EXPLO-re — to go around a place where you have never been in order to find out what is there (Cambridge dictionary).

More information

We do not forget to explore both the market and the new opportunities, that appear thanks to technologies. Our knowledge is at your disposal.
Thanks to long-term professionalism of our employees of all departments, we can guarantee full control of the cargo, confirming paper work and the possibility of organizing multimodal transportation DOOR — to –DOOR.
The best indicator of our reliability is that EXPLO was able to form an impressive customer base and earn the trust of partners around the world.

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The undeniable advantages of our company:

  • Delivery of goods in Russia is carried out with the cargo safety guarantee;
  • Call for oversized cargo transportation;
  • Support and protection of your cargo;
  • the delivery of goods within a reasonable time;
  • Help in the loading / unloading of goods;
  • Our logistics system does not depend on complex routes;
  • A professional staff.