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Customs processing

Customs clearance and declaring of goods – are the implementation of a set of necessary formalities appearing because of the goods and vehicles movements through the customs border.

Any organization engaged in foreign economic activity faces the need to declare imported goods. This procedure, usually, requires a lot of time and efforts, as well as knowledge of all formalities and shades. In order to avoid delays in processing and related financial losses, we offer you to use the services of our company

EXPLO renders all the necessary range of services for customs clearance of goods in Saint-Petersburg:

For you:

Minimum period: Despite the fact that a simplified version of cargo registration is possible only in clearly made by the legislation of the Russian Federation cases, we offer you to minimize the time for customs declaration by means of our specialists clear work.

Unique experience: Our team will help to avoid mistakes in customs clearance, which can cost you the energy, time and significant means.

Any cargo-to any customer: EXPLO provides services to both legal entities and individuals. Our specialists will carry out customs clearance of imports, exports, or re-export of goods in any category.

In accordance with the procedure: We will carry out customs clearance in full accordance with the new rules of the federal customs. We constantly monitor for law updates to respond to any changes in time.

Cost: undertaking customs clearance by yourself, you risk not only spending time, but also considerable money. The specialists of our company will carefully calculate all the costs you need – from warehousing and the cost of certificating to ad valorem rates and excises values.

We guarantee reliability, efficiency and optimization of your costs and money costs, regardless of the variety of cargo.

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