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Railway transportation

The most reliable, relatively fast and most economical way of transporting goods both inside the state and outside it is railway transportation. It does not depend on weather conditions, provides maximum safety of cargo during transportation, safe, cost-effective, and allows transporting an unlimited amount of cargo with the accuracy of the railway timetable.

For you:

EXPLO specialists will help you to choose the best method of transportation depending on the cargo: bulk gondola car – for transportation of coal or crushed stone, platform – for bulky cargo, refrigerated container – for perishable cargo, which needs a certain temperature conditions, or a universal covered train car for almost any other types of cargo from cars to personal things.

Railway transportation has pleased consignors for several decades with its vast geography from the “near abroad” countries to South-East Asia.

The cost of railway transportation, like any other transportation service, depends on many factors. Our company will help you to develop an individual route and will provide you with the full range of necessary services:

Ordering international railway transportation in EXPLO Company you will get a guaranteed financial expenses and delivery time reduction.

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