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Kinds and types of containers

Having chosen the type of transportation, it is necessary to determine the type of container in which the cargo will be transported.

The optimal size saves money for transportation.
To select the container for your cargo correctly, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the classification and leave an application or use the services of our specialists.

type / code dimensions, mm Internal dimensions, mm doorway, mm EUR-pallet mass, kg Internal volume, m33
length width height length width height width height
10′ DC (12) 2990 2438 2591 2830 2330 2370 2310 2270 1380 15
12′ DC (22) 2990 2438 2591 2830 2330 2370 2310 2270 1380 15

Conveyance deeds

Cost calculation of transportation

Select the service that interests

Our specialist will calculate the full cost of your order within 1 working day, and we will contact you


Our company invites to cooperation companies in the field of logistics, transportation services and other business areas related to the delivery and storage of cargo.