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Air cargo transportation

To achieve the maximum speed of receiving goods, courier delivery through the air is often used. The popularity of air transport is facilitated by the ever-increasing number of delivery points and cost reduction due to the increasing competition in this segment.

Modern airlines have reached a high level, which allows to deliver goods from anywhere in the world in any volume and weight qualitatively and quickly. EXPLO organizes air-freight service on the necessary for you route.

For you:

The main feature of air transportation, which makes this method of cargo delivery valuable, despite its relative high cost is speed. The urgency of delivery in some situations repays any money and losses from cargo damage may be incomparable with the tariffs of air carriers.

EXPLO offers the possibility of sending goods by air to any part of the globe, when delivery by land is not possible, and sea transportation will take a long time.

Also, a frequent cargo on planes is perishable goods – flowers, vegetables, or heavy and sizeable goods, both commercial and industrial, on the condition that their delivery should be carried out as soon as possible.

EXPLO Company:

Our company is always glad to offer the optimal ratio of terms and cost. Transportation of goods is carried out in the way that can provide maximum logistical expediency and customers’ cost saving.

The cost of air freight service depends on a number of factors (volume, weight, type, urgency, distance, tariffs of air carriers, etc.). Our specialists will offer you an individual solution that takes into account all the above.

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