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Outsourcing of foreign economic activities

Foreign economic activity is a whole range of transport, logistics, customs, financial and legal services. Outsourcing FEA is the transfer of the organization of business processes for the organization of transportation in the service company specializing in providing these services.

Foreign economic services will be useful both to private entrepreneurs who do not have specific knowledge in this area, and large companies that do not want to spend time and money on finding and keeping the right specialist on a full time basis. Full support of foreign economic activities allows you to use the services of highly-qualified specialists in logistics, customs clearance, management of international transportation and line haul.

EXPLO offers you:

Our specialists will provide a quick solution to emerging problems, develop rational routes, and select the best method of delivery, taking into account all the features of the cargo. EXPLO offers complete services for both legal entities and individuals. EXPLO guarantees the legal cleanliness and absolute transparency of all customs procedures and foreign trade operations.

Outsourcing of foreign economic activities from EXPLO is:

After concluding the contract with EXPLO on outsourcing of foreign economic activity, you will be able to concentrate on the main activity of your enterprise. Your foreign economic activities will be completely taken over by our highly qualified specialists.

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