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Cargo delivery by sea is the most traditional type of cargo delivery. It takes quite a long time, but allows you to reduce transportation costs significantly.

Direct contracts with foreign partners allow EXPLO to offer you the best options in terms of prices and time limits.

For you:

Sea shipping is the best choice if you need cargo delivery from China, South-East Asia, the Americas or Europe and if you have enough time. In case there is not enough time to deliver the goods by the sea, EXPLO specialists will offer you alternative ways of transportation – for example, air cargo transportation.

The cost of container-type shipping consists of several factors, the main of which is the actual cost of freight. The cost of delivery to the port in the sending country, from the port to the consignee, the customs clearance of the cargo, the cost of loading and unloading operations is added, if necessary. EXPLO specialists will help you to develop the route, choose a container and paperwork, and will organize a consolidated shipment of cargo, if necessary, which will help you to save significant funds.

EXPLO specializes in sea container shipping, but you can also order the transportation of any wheeled vehicles on RORO type ships and escorting the transportation of dangerous goods by the sea.

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